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Navigating Increased Risks: Enhance Your Jewelry Store Theft Prevention During the Busy Season

Enhance Your Jewelry Store Theft Prevention During the Busy Season

Learn how to secure your jewelry store during the busy season with proven theft prevention strategies and comprehensive coverage options.

Essential Jewelry Store Security Measures

Essential Jewelry Store Security Measures: The Importance of Protecting Your Jewelry Store

Explore important security measures for jewelry stores, such as security systems, safety glasses, insurance policies, and more.

Improve Customer Experience & Increase Your Revenue With A Jewelry Warranty Program

Learn about the benefits of the JM Care Plan and how it can improve customer experience and store loyalty while helping grow your jewelry business.

Hand behind Lock to represent Safety for You and Your Staff

Safety for You and Your Staff During the Holidays

Learn helpful jewelry store security tips to protect your business, staff, and assets, and reach out to learn more about our Jewelers Programs.

hands holding a ring - jewelers block coverage

Jewelers Block Coverage: What’s Covered and What’s Not

Learn about jewelers block coverage exclusions, build the jewelers block insurance that fits your needs and find answers to important coverage questions.

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Jewelry Store Security
Tips for a Time of
Increasing Crime

Jewelry stores are being targeted everywhere, from strip centers to malls to stand-alone shops and downtown locations. Learn fundamental jewelry store security tips! 

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5 Advantages of Using an Independent Agency for Jewelers Insurance

Learn about today’s jewelers block insurance marketplace & find out how an independent insurance agency can get you the best jewelers block insurance policy for your jewelry business.

Jewelry Store Security

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Staying Safe During The Holiday Season

This year, take a few precautions to enjoy a profitable and safe holiday season while ensuring maximum jewelry store security.

Holiday Inventory: holiday inventories are usually greater than normal inventories. Make sure your jewelers block coverage is sufficient.
Security System: check all alarm systems to ensure they are working properly.
False Alarm: respond to every alarm signal. It’s common for thieves to trigger alarms repeatedly to lure you into believing your security system is faulty. Visit our Jewelers Programs page and find out about our Guard Alarm Response Program.
Security Guard: consider hiring a security guard during your busiest season.
Code Word: have all employees know an innocent-sounding code word to say aloud in case of suspicious activity in the store. All other sales associates will be aware and able to assist.
New Vendors: be cautious of new vendors who want to make large purchases.

Security Guard

Security Tips for Rioting and Looting

  • Store your merchandise in a safe or vault and avoid leaving jewelry unattended and in plain sight.
  • Keep your showcases empty and unlocked. Consider posting a sign on your front door stating “No Jewelry On Site”.
  • Instead of attempting to protect your jewelry store with weapons, rely on your insurance protection. Your safety comes first!
  • If possible, reduce your hours of operation and close your store in advance of the evening.
  • Remove your inventory record from the store.
  • Make sure your cameras are functioning properly.

Our Complimentary Services

  • Shipping and packing guidance
  • Security and alarm consultations
  • Safe and vault recommendations
  • Staff security and loss prevention training

Jewelers Programs

Need help keep your business safe and secure?

We offer comprehensive programs to help identify and mitigate potential issues that could result in claims.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Secure your premises
  • Take pictures and video of the damage
  • If possible, take an inventory of what was stolen and damaged
  • File a police report
  • Report the claim as soon as possible to [email protected]

1. Secure merchandise in a box.
2. Label the box.
3. Double package your shipment by packing the box in a larger shipping box. Use additional packing material to ensure movement is restricted.
4. Seal the shipping box.
5. Avoid using jewelry terms on the label.
6. Require signature at delivery and track the shipment.