Hand behind Lock to represent Safety for You and Your Staff

Safety for You and Your Staff During the Holidays

Hand behind Lock to represent Safety for You and Your Staff

According to the Jewelers’ Security Alliance, December 2021 was the most popular month for jewelry theft last year. Jewelry stores stock up during the holiday season, so it’s more important than ever to be extra vigilant about how you deal with your business’s security. Here are some jewelry store security tips for keeping your store, staff, and assets safe this holiday season. We’ll break down some methods and strategies criminals use and outline how you should respond. 

Tips for Inside Protection

#1: Casing of the interior and exterior of the premises

Their action: Criminals need to become familiar with your store layout and all entrances/exits as possible escape routes, should something go wrong during their burglary. 

Your Solution: Keep note of odd or suspicious incidents in a logbook. Cross-check these incidents with your surveillance footage to see if anything comes up. Share any information you have with your local police and any crime prevention networks in your neighborhood – you may not be the only one seeing suspicious activity in your business. 

#2: Triggering false alarms and observing your response

Their action: Rooftop burglars will intentionally trigger alarms at jewelry stores to observe who responds, how they respond, and how long it takes them to arrive. 

Your Solution: Always respond to every alarm signal as though it is a break-in. Have your alarm company inspect your security system annually to ensure it’s working properly. 

#3: Cutting an entrance through the roof and waiting out the alarm

Their action: Criminals will hide out on roofs and in other discreet places while they wait for law enforcement to show up, check for signs of forced entry, then leave.

Your Solution: Never go into your store alone after an alarm has been triggered. Arrange to meet local law enforcement there first so they can conduct the search. 

#4: Disabling the alarm and video surveillance systems

Their action: Criminals will not want to leave any evidence that they were there. 

Your Solution: You should have an alarm system that is both UL-certified and protected by “Line Security”. UL-rated “Line Security” ensures the monitoring station and your business are aware of system issues even when criminals attempt to cut off communication between the two. Install additional motion detectors and video surveillance cameras above your ceiling tiles to detect burglars who may try a roof entry. 

#5: Stay until the safe is cracked

Their action: A thief may be prepared to spend hours in a jewelry business in order to compromise a safe if they deem it a worthy target. 

Your Solution: Always put all of your merchandise away in a safe or vault at the end of each day. Choose a safe rated highly by Underwriter’s Laboratories, such as a TRTL – 30X6.

#6: Target packages that are obviously from jewelers 

Thieves target packages with words like “gem”, “jewelry”, or the name of a jeweler on them. Words like these may void your insurance coverage if something is stolen. You should always use acronyms, abbreviations, or a person’s name. There are also specific kinds of tamper-evident tape you can use when sealing your packages. 

Tips for Outside Protection

Hopefully, these jewelry store security tips will be helpful for heading off jewelry thieves at the pass, so to speak. Here are a few more tips for sending valuable packages during the holidays: 

Use official carriers

Third-party carriers can be convenient, but they may leave you with a gap in coverage during your package’s journey. Because coverage doesn’t kick in until the carrier scans your package, make sure you get a scanned receipt at the same time you give your package directly to the carrier. 

Confirm receipt directly with the customer

Reach out directly to the recipient either by email or phone to confirm the package was delivered. Not only is this safer, but it also builds trust with your client.

Consult your carriers

Work with your carrier to make the shipping process as safe and secure as possible.                                                                   

Utilize expedited service

Using 2-day or overnight services statistically increases delivery success rates.

Double-check your recipient’s address for errors or missing numbers

Carrier turnaround on address changes can slow a shipment by a full 24-48 hours. Avoid this headache for both you and your client by checking that the name and address on the package are complete and correct before it goes out the door. 

Report losses as soon as possible

If you suspect a problem, contact the carrier and your insurer as soon as possible to get the process started if you do need to claim the insurance on your package.  

Last but not least, insure your merchandise! 

Always ensure that you have sufficient coverage for the assets you are mailing. Jewelers Insurance Marketplace Agency offers a wide variety of insurance coverage for your jewelry business, including shipping insurance.

All of these jewelry store security tips will help you better protect your business this holiday season (and all year round). Contact Jewelers Insurance Marketplace Agency to get the possible coverage to protect yourself, your staff, and your business this holiday season.