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Core Policies

Protect your business from property damage and get coverage for the high-value items you handle against risks like fire or crime and risks faced during goods transportation.

Cover your business from claims resulting from theft and other disasters by combining business liability & business property insurance into one policy.

Leverage this customizable option that combines two or more coverages (such as property risk and liability) into a single policy.

Add extra coverage to be protected against additional risks such as loss amounts that exceed your underlying coverage limits and bodily or personal injury.

Provide benefits to employees who get injured or sick from a work-related cause.

Get coverage for digital fraud, identity fraud, data compromise and more.


Get coverage against lost, stolen or damaged packages. 

Get protection against faulty workmanship claims.

Get coverage for possible injuries and damages that may occur when using vehicles for business matters.

Get coverage for unexplained losses from received packages and inventory.

Everyone makes mistakes – cover errors in performing written appraisals.

Get coverage against damage or loss of precious stones.

Protect yourself against dishonest employees and get coverage from their theft of money, property or securities.

Protect your business’s movable equipment (i.e. chairs, computers, etc…)

Get coverage against wrongful acts that may arise from the employment process (i.e. discrimination, sexual harassment, etc…)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Jewelers Block Insurance (or Jeweler Block) is an insurance designed to provide coverage for loss of or damage to jewelry and is offered to businesses that handle and sell any type of jewelry, precious stones, or metals.

Jeweler Block provides comprehensive coverage that can be tailored to a variety of business needs. It protects against loss or damage to an item in the stock of retailers, manufacturers, distributors, designers, and pawnbrokers. In addition to the usual risks covered (i.e. fire), it covers factors such as theft and burglary.

Yes, businesses can acquire inland marine coverage for when high-value items are in transit, whether it is an individual item or an entire collection.


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